OKAY so since its always been a dream of mine to sell things I make I decided to go ahead and create an Etsy Shop : ) My shop, which ive name Ink It Up Stationary, is nothing big now but I have BIG plans. If you are looking for anything specific let me know I have THOUSANDS of stamps and ideas! Please check it out here !!

Speaking of too many stamps I'm cleaning out my stash...PLEASE click this link and email me at dream.crafty@yahoo.com if you are interested!!!!



coming soon...

A new post is coming soon...I dont have time now since Im with my family for my moms birthday! Anyways...lots of fun and exciting things will be mentioned soon : ) yay


Hero Art Challenge

Today after my counseling psych. class I needed to make something crafty to de-stress! I decided to check out the Hero Arts Blog b/c I use to frequent it often but have been incredibly busy with school work lately. I created this card with one of my oldest and first stamp sets for their friendship challenge.
I love this color combo and you will probably see it very frequently!

Starting Over..

I erased all previous posts because I felt like what I was posting about wasnt really me. I was holding back feelings and ideas and thats not the person I am. Im strong, outspoken, and a go getter. I feel like Ive grown up a lot this past year and I wanted to revamp my blog in a way that reflected this. I've started keeping a daily journal and found it to be really liberating because lets face it...we cant write EVERYTHING we want to on here for several reasons (co workers, professors, parents, little "ears", and so on). However, I want to start posting all my crafty goodness and life goals! I also hope to meet fabulous people over the internet and make great life connections & friends : ) Below is a little info about me:

-My name is Elizabeth but my mom & dad have been calling me Libby since day 1.
-I love elephants, cooking, crafting, staying up late, and watching movies.
I dislike raw onions, people who dont put their grocery cart back, and big dogs .
-I was born on NC but was raised in Littleton, MA & graduated with about 60 people.
-I'm 22 and my birthday is August 20th.
-My favorite movie is The Little Mermaid.
-My roomate has a ferret named Frankie who eats cranberries. I love her.
-I'm a college senior in the city of Boston. GO RED SOX ; )
-I like to drink & dance the night away with my friends.
-I think I've found the one I want to marry. His names Alex.

Happy Tuesday!